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Dodo Juice 3" Green Fin Polishing Pad

Dodo Juice 3" Green Fin Polishing Pad


A revolutionary new pad design from Dodo Juice.

The Dodo Juice Fin Cut pad design not only runs cooler and slings less, it allows for a more consistent cut across the whole face of the pad. A great step on from the ever popular 'waffle' design. This is an 80mm 'spot pad' for working smaller areas.

Not only do the new Fin pads look great, but the design actually works! Compared to a normal \'flat\' pad, these new Fin pads increase the working surface area.

This Green Fin Polishing Pad is the perfect pad to polish away some of those nasty swirl marks we all hate! As it\'s only 80mm, it is the perfect companion to polish in those hard to reach areas.

80mm pad

It is rare for a truly revolutionary product to come about in a detailing sector, but these new 'Fin Cut' or 'Fin Face' polishing pads are really something special. They're so unusual they've even been patented!

Waffle foam is a classic, for sure, and hex pads have a lot of fans... but this new design takes finishing, polishing and cutting pads to the next level, with deep groove 'blades and channels' cut into the pad in a chequerplate pattern. Deep channels mean less sling and cooler face temperatures, but the real advantage is the consistency of cut. Whereas plain pads tend to focus the cut in the centre of the pad, these Fin Cut pads allow polishing across (potentially) the whole area... a much wider and consistent cut than you'd normally see, especially with rotary polishers.

This shows the cut on Tornado Red solid paint (no clearcoat) on a Mk2 Golf GTi. We used a solid paint so you could see the pigment transfer from the paint more easily. Enhanced, the pic shows how the cut isn't just focused in the centre of the pad, or maybe on the very edge, but more widely spread across the centre with no particular 'hot spots'.

 photo as.jpg

How many times does a new pad design come out with no testing or verification behind it? We won't put our name to something that doesn't offer a tangible advantage or benefit compared to other pads. We love waffle pads, of course, and will still sell these and flat faced pads. But the 'fin' design is interesting to say the least.