Flexipads Scratchless Glass Polishing Pad

Flexipads Scratchless Glass Polishing Pad


These Flexipads Scratchless Glass / Multi-Surface Polishing Pads remove water spots, residues, and mild imperfections from glass to restore a like-new clarity and shine. Each glass pad is textured to gently agitate the glass, removing mineral deposits and stubborn debris. The size is perfect for polishing out small isolated scratches or blemishes.

These pads are the most effective way to eliminate water spots, scratches, and residues on automotive glass, they have hook and loop fasteners to secure to on your backing plate on your polishing machine.

Capable of removing from 1,000 to 1,500 grit sanding marks.

Choice of 50mm, 75mm, 130mm or 160mm diameter sized pads, price is per 1 pad.

Use with any electric polisher or electric power drill

* Made in Great Britain

Rinse well after use with clean, warm water to remove polish residue. Allow pads to air dry.

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