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Meguiars 6" DA Microfibre Cutting Pads

Meguiars 6" DA Microfibre Cutting Pads


Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Discs are part of the Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System. Each specially engineered microfiber disc levels moderate paint imperfections without creating swirls! Meguiars guarantees it.

6" pack of two pads

Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Discs are made for maximum efficiency, their engineered foam interface offers controlled conformability. As you move the polisher over the paint, the microfibers adapt to the curves and contours of the paint, distributing the abrasives evenly for efficient cutting.

Not only will you love the results, you'll love the process. Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Discs are made to work with Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Compound. This combination of products remove mild to moderate defects with minimal dusting, no slinging, and no swirls.

The Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System is designed for a dual action polisher! this system will work wonders on swirls, many scratches, acid rain spots, and other mild to moderate defects on factory paint. The best part is, it's easy! The Meguiars DA Microfiber System uses the latest Super-micro abrasive technology to give you a clean, efficient user experience.

*Combine this pad with the Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction Compound for best results

*Includes 2 Pads

*Exceptional cutting power that removes swirls while finishing down crystal clear

*A brand new technology that is changing the detailing world

*Use with any dual action polisher.