Armorall 3 IN 1 LEATHER CARE

Armorall 3 IN 1 LEATHER CARE


Armorall Leather 3 in 1 Leather Care cleans, conditions and restores leather.

Armor All Leather 3 in 1 Leather Care is a rich and moisturising cream that includes cleaning agents to help restore the leather to its original and natural look.

250ml bottle

Cleans and conditions leather to help prevent drying, fading and cracking

Thorough cleaning ability especially on tough stains

Moisturises and enhances softness

Helps restore natural colour and shine

Forms a protective barrier to help prevent against harmful elements like UV and oxidisation

Suitable for automotive, household and marine usage

Penetrates deep into the leather membrane

Shake well before use.

Squeeze directly onto surface or applicator pad.

Spread evenly over surface.

Use a dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture.

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