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Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner

Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner




Dodo Juice's minty glass cleaner - smear free and highly effective.

Glass cleaning sprays are typically either based on vinegar and water, or alcohol and water. Dodo Juice found that alcohol based recipes tended to smear less and easier to use, so thats what they made.

The result is Clearly Menthol - a minty mouthwash coloured glass spray that cleans glass and leaves a sparkling, residue-free finish. Can be used over durable glass sealants.

Spray Bottle Size - 500ml

Customer review:

Appearance & Fragrance:

As they say it looks like mouthwash, smells a bit solventy but does have a menthol sort of smell but not overly so. Having cleaned the inside of the windows the car was left with a pleasant smell for a few hours after.

Cutting & Cleaning Power:

Worked a treat, as you can see from the pictures the windows were heavily water marked from a light rain shower earlier in the day, a few sprays and a quick wipe removed these with no effort at all.

Ease Of Use:

Very easy, couple of small sprays and the window was wiped over using a microfibre cloth which was then turned to a dry section and re buffed.


Very impressed, window was left sparkling with no sign of any streaking. I ended up doing the windscreen later and have to say the screen has never looked clearer.