Monza Ultra Plush Telescopic Wash Mop

Monza Ultra Plush Telescopic Wash Mop




This Monza Ultra Plush Wash Mop has been specially designed to make cleaning large vehicle surface areas fast and efficient. The mop head holds twice as much wash solution as sponge can do, and the softness and thickness of the microfibre mop head prevents scratches and swirls.

The easy grip telescoping handle easily extends up to nearly 5ft while the multi-directional swivel hinge on the head naturally articulates to any angle, cleaning the bodywork at all angles. The super-soft microfibre mop head is gentle on all paint types and is machine washable also.

31" closed length and 53" extended length

9"x6" mop head size

Cleans Large Areas Fast And Efficiently

Holds Twice As Much Wash Solution Than Any Sponge

Super-Soft Microfibre Mop Head Prevents Scratches And Swirls

Swivel Head Articulates To Any Angle

53" (Approx) Telescopic Handle

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Monza Ultra Plush Telescopic Wash Mop


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